The Artist

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark during WWII, Sus Devnani learned to appreciate handmade creations and the time it takes to make them at a very young age. Her mother taught her how to sew and the importance of details. Her father taught her how to imagine and that anything is possible. In their home something "fantastic" was often the result of using only paper and a pair of scissors, especially in the months leading up to December. Making handmade Christmas decorations is a favorite pastime for the Danes.

Sus, and her husband who is an immigrant, have lived in the United States fo rmore than 40 years, Still, she decorates their home for the holidays according to her tradition. There are many white candles and one-of-a-kind ornaments adoring her Christmas tree. All who have seen it agree; it is festive, delightful, and fun for all ages.

Where sus works she is surrounded by good company.... her antique doll collection. She continues to be inspiried by life's simple pleasures which to her include: nature, classical music, people of all ages and her childhood memories. Her love for dolls and desire to accessorize them has lasted a lifetime.